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Welcome to AnnaBeanies

Be Kind and Stay Warm



Hi and welcome! My name is Annabelle and I’m the creator/ founder of AnnaBeanies. I am a teenager who lives in West Hartford, Connecticut with my parents, two brothers, and my dog, Fudge. I make hand crocheted beanies and accessories in all different colors and patterns. A portion of the profit that I make off of the beanies goes to Basecamp, a program that I was selected to be apart of over the summer of 2024. This program helps to fundraise "Riding on Insulin" which gives diabetic children the opportunity to learn how to ski and surf, something that would never be able to happen without this program. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was four years old and then two years later, my older brother was also diagnosed at eight years old. JDRF, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, has also played such an important role in me and my family’s life. I was elected as one of 2 children delegates from the state of Connecticut to go and delegate for lower insulin prices in the United States over the summer of 2023. These two programs are so important to me and other diabetics everywhere and by supporting AnnaBeanies, you help in bringing me one step closer to being able to say that "I had diabetes", not "I have diabetes". If you would like to do more to help support my cause, visit to donate and/or learn more. Thank you so much for helping support my mission. I hope you enjoy your handmade goods! 

Be kind and stay warm! - Annabelle D

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